Friday, November 2, 2012

'Mittler wins Close' (Our Tabulators Guarantee It)! "We" Easily Create This Perception It's "Really, Really, Really" Close, Even If It's Not, and Most Accept It (Like the 9-11 Story)- What a HOOT!

With the collapse and phase V in full affect, "we" (the survivors of the human race) are soon off to Watersville (as we like to call it) to watch things develop, so good luck to "you's people"! Adolf and the Israelis will keep things calm for a little while, but you might want to get ready... It was hilarious to hear Paul ('Lucifer Lindman from "our" local right-winged Clear Channel station this morning encouraging the local idiots to vote for more taxes! This is the same guy, who coined the hilarious phrase in 2010 for his Kids Fund Campaign, "THEY CAN'T SEE! THEY CAN'T HEAR! THEY WON'T SUCCEED!) and who doesn't live in the City, and who has played a key role in keeping "our" taxes down. And he's telling "you people's" to pay more! What a hoot! I'll give him this, Lucifer Lindman always gets the most evil people around here to give him an interview, like Ted Bundi (who grew up with Disney's Colon Cowturd), Ward Weaver, the 'Green River Killer', Jay Scroggin, Neil Goldschmidt, Sam Adams, Randy Leonard, Ted Kulongoski, and Satan himself! Keep up the great work Paul, you, Phony-Felicia, Creepy Carl, Mork and Dork (or Dork and Dorker, as we like to think of them), and all the other local corporate media shills at Clear Channel, Alpha Broadcasting, the Jercury, the Disney and Fox Distractors, the KGW Channel 8 'Sex Predators' have all done a really great job over the last decade in implementing "our" plan, -- to scare the stupid masses, and keep them misinformed about what we're really doing (in DC and at the South Pole). Just between you and I, with the collapse of Building 4 (which I told you, we implemented on October 16th) the game's over for "you's people". The earth is now officially dead! That's why "we" got this Fluoride scam started, so if "we" needed "we" could blame the Fluoride for all the health problems, but it really doesn't matter any more... (From inside the mind of billionaire psychopath , J. Edger:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Got "Our" Waste Into Oregon's Gas, So Why Wouldn't the 3 Stooges and the Phony-Left Help 'US' Get Poop Into Portland's Water?

"Our" best fiction writers couldn't come up with the horrors "we've" brought on the progressives in Oregon, with the help of Lovingstein, Smirk, Creepy Carl and the phony-left! Like, What type of fluoride are "we" using? Doesn't eliminating dental care effect kids teeth? And wait until "you's people" figure out what "fluoride" does to organic food, beer and pot, not to mention the brain and bones! And sooo, does the Mayor's anti-Recall, Medical Marijuana Month seem a little manipulative now, in retrospect? And do you wonder why the phony-left and corporate right are moving so swiftly with implementing the "Fluoride Plan"? And why wouldn't the three pervs from the City Council want "you's people" to vote on this issue, again? What a real hoot! And do you progressives "really, really, really" wonder why the local corporate media, from both the left and right, haven't been pushing the question, why aren't Beth Ann and the mighty F.F.B.I. and the cops able to figure out what happened to Kyron Horman...and meanwhile, Lucifer Lindman has got Kyron's "retarded" corporate, father saying the police are doing a "great job" (after spending 1.5 million and don't have even one person of interest!)... And why isn't the KGW Channel 8 'Sex Predators', the local Clear Channel shills or the Jercury asking the question, why did the Chief Deputy at the Crack-of-my-Ass County Court House need to silence his wife, the way he did at that Gresham bar, so violently? What secret was he afraid that she might say about him, Mel, and the judges down there? Anything to do with the dismembering of an alleged Portland pimp, Douglas Adamson (no, not the Clear Channel shill that Lucifer Lindman hired to distract you morons, but the Doug Adamson who told a lot of people around SE PDX that he made a lot of regular visits to the Court House, and waited in the parking lot across the street, completely undisturbed? Hmmm... And why did that creepy, West Linn judge (with the pointed nose, who is a "good friend" of Corporate Ron Wyden) sentence those Oregon City parents (the "Jesus People") to 30 days of hard labor after they murdered their kids by denying them medical care...even though they did believe that it was okay to get their teeth and eyes a DOCTOR! That's hilarious! But not as funny as what Robert Heard did next to set the whole matter straight, and silence his pal's critics...and keep Ted out of it- And meanwhile, APAC Abe Proctor tells his audience at the local communist radio station (KBOO.FM) that he would gladly slice the throat of a baby ten seconds before passing through the sacred vaginal canal if he knew the baby had "Downs"! And he's not a doctor! What a hoot! (And they wonder where the term 'blood letting' comes from ?) No wonder a few "people" would turn to Cowturd, Puke, Scag and the other local sports talk morons for news and advice! You just can't make this evil crap up! Auragone ROCKS! (That is, if you're a member of the relevant class...or the media)

Monday, July 23, 2012

So "We" didn 't Upset Monday Night "Football", and It Won't Change the November Puppet Show, "We" Scheduled Phase V for October 16th

They never really end, like phase I, and phase III (although you don't know the full story about that one yet)- That pesky no. 4 should doesn't seem to want to cooperate, kind of like Building 7. So it may need a little help...kind of like those outstanding tabulators that always come up with the "right" results. Every Wisconsin "error" went in Walker's favor- What a hoot!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lisa Lovingstein (with KBOO.FM) Defending Ron Wyden for Voting for "Political Genius", Johnny Roberts. What a Hoot!

Where are the animal rights and "useless cripple" advocates when Mike papantonio calls his political adversaries "BLIND MONKEYS!" He says "you's people" don't have the right to know what "your President" and the anti-medical-marijuana AG were saying about providing guns to their Mexican drug dealing friends, while expanding the greatest surveillance program in history! And they've terrorized way, way more whistle blowers than Little George! What a hoot! And how about 'Nappy Papi's' partner from 'Ring of Fire', Sam Seder, who tells his sadistic audience this joke that begins, "A blind man (notice, he didn't say 'blind woman') goes into a bathroom..." And the delightfully wicked phony-left listeners and viewers are expected to fill in the rest of the joke. That's great Sam! You make Disney's Cowturd, and the other 'KGW Channel 8 sex predators', look "really, really, really" good...well, not really, as the truth slowly trickles out all you corporate media shills look really, really twisted- And how about Randi Rhodes screaming at her audience (before she joined Rush, Shawn and the rest of "our" team at Premier Radio) "GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN!" what a hoot! Notice she didn't just use the word "blind", which APAC Abe, Lovingstein and the phony-left would defend as not being bigoted or insensitive, but don't dare use the word "nazi" on "their" shows. And you notice Randi specifically included the word "man"- Curious... but these wicked knuckleheads got nothing on Brian Jennings and America's most sadistic media here in Portland, Oregon (from both the corporate left and the corporate right). Did you know that Oregon leads the nation in murder-suicides? That's no coincidence... There's Steve 'Sicko' Leader, who last year over the air (while Brian Jennings and 'Johnny Little Bit' Strong can be heard snickering in the background) mocked an African-American teenage girl from Jefferson High School who was selected to represent her school in the Rose Festival Parade. Talk about a gang of unregistered predatory sex offenders! And don't forget about his co-host at Alpha Broadcasting Rebecca Marshall (who has a great butt, but a face made for radio). In a recent story Marshall tells her audience that accused defendants being held in the Linn County Jail (because they're poor and can't afford bail, or because their wife is sleeping with a circuit judge) will no longer be given hot breakfasts. then she adds, in her usual sarcastic tone, "WAH! WAH! WAH!" Which sums up how the State of Oregon with the help of Gregory Sholl and the public pretenders, treat the "useless cripples", the "brown-skinned" people, and the poor who are accused of embellished crimes by their vindictive spouses (who happen to be sleeping with a perverted priests and a dirty judge) and their little female, able-bodied white parasites (you notice boys almost never tell, while teenage girls love to lie to get attention). It's America's injustice system at its very, very best! If you're wondering why Justice Roberts voted to support ObamaCare, wait until November. Meanwhile, "we" got both Clear Channel shill, Paul 'Lucifer' Lindman, and the local communist radio station's Lisa Lovingstein (with KBOO.FM) defending Ron Wyden for voting for "political genius", Johnny Roberts. What a hoot!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stephanie Miller is Right, It's "Retarded" to Worry About Having Drones Flying Over America! It's Not Like They're Armed...For Now-

Support "your President", morons! It's not your business how "we" operate the government- It's National Security stupid! Do you want the Drug Lords to hold back their laundered money from the banks again? Like they did in 2007, and almost gave Henry a heart attack! You go Paulson Timbers!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Hey Kid Those Sure Nice Shoes You Got. You Fast? Let's Go Race While This Kid Finishes His Game. How Long You Gonna Be Kid?"

I usually don't support anything progressive, but I did send the local communist radio station (KBOO.FM) a considerable check today for the recent hilarious piece they did on Paul Lucifer Lindman, who is one of "our" best local Clear Channel corporate shills, and who loves to bounce his grand kids on his lap (Maybe a little bit to much, perhaps Paul?). The spoof news report begins where Paul tells his listeners over and over, and over "don't trust anything you read on the Internet", or something like that. Then it's followed by him referring his listeners to dozens of websites from advertisers and "our" right-winged propaganda Internet machines. Then the report starts going back and forth between the two contradicting admonitions, mixed in with more than a few funny verbal blunders that suggest that Paul might be getting a little senile. It's a real hoot, even if it's from the far left and slams one of our best corporate propagandist ! You may remember, Paul is the guy who came up with the great radio ad a couple years ago for the 'Kid's Fund', and that Clear Channel began running again earlier this year, that said "THEY CAN'T SEE! THEY CAN'T HEAR! THEY WON'T SUCCEED!" And it was great "seeing" all of "our" favorite corporate evil doers out at the golf fund raiser this weekend. (Golf you ask? this way we can be absolutely sure to keep out the "useless cripples", other than Bob Joonberg and the rest of "our" token government shills.) And it's really funny to hear Lucifer Lindman blame every crime in Oregon every morning on the " DRUGGIES!" Of course, Paul's more than a little over the hill and seems to really be losing his marbles, but he calls the "potheads" "druggies" yet takes himself about a dozen pharmaceuticals every day! Isn't that a real hoot! But being a hypocrite and working in the media or for the government is what this State is all about, and why they all do what we say... Which reminds me, anything new about finding Kyron Horman? Didn't think so, but that was sure a lot of money "you's people" spent investigating that missing "white" boy (1.3 million?)...and the Sheriff said he had some evidence that would make people real uncomfortable. Which was what? And anybody figured out who murdered Nancy the Federal Public Pretender? If we follow Paul and 'Moron Mason's' logic, and blame the "druggies" it had to be a former client, or a friend or relative of a former-client who was angry... (Or maybe that's what "they" want you to think? Hmmm....) And how about that Douglas Adamson guy (No not the new Clear Channel corporate media shill, but it is confusing isn't it?) who had all his body parts suddenly detach while he was taking a comfortable swim down the Columbia River. Any clues Sheriff Roberts, since we know Dougy spent a lot of time in "your" county and apparently knew some of the same "important" people that you know really well? Have anything to do with whatever set off that killing rampaige by "your" Court House chief Deputy? Hmmm.... At the time, I always wondered why you guys didn't look a little closer when you went to Ward Weaver's home, after he had killed the first young girl and apparently had her body stashed right there at the house. But you, Dwight, Karen, and Shaftler got to protect the "good guys" you can go out and kill yourselves a few Clackamas County "potheads". But it's nice that it all worked out as "we" promised, didn't it Craig? You got tons of money and equipment after the state-wide hysteria took hold, when the second young girl was killed by Weaver. We had "US" a real "CEREAL KILLER" on the loose! Hot damn! A real media frenzy! And ratings means money, that's vulture capitalism at its best, ask Paul! Kind of how Mark Foley, was molesting all those young boys (and Ron, Earl and most of those in Congress knew about it and did nothing). They all played the Walsh family (just like Disney and the Hollywood Police did when they tried to say Ottis Toole had killed Adam Walsh). MDAA, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Adam Walsh Act, it don't matter. It's all about taking the final steps toward phase 8, and there's nothing you can do about it as long as "we have Lucifer Lindman and the Courts and the guns on "our" side. And the funny thing about all of this and how it really went down is that John and 'Pretty Reve' are millionaires and never go hungry, and they can fly any where they want and go after the "bad guys" a moment's notice, in first class too- "Hey kid those sure nice shoes you got. You fast? Let's go race while this kid finishes his game. How long you gonna be kid?"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clackamas County Creeps' Should Pay Their Fair Share

It's not surprising that Alpha Dope, Robb Kramer, would use a teenage girl (sounds like some of the judges down there) promote his low quality, political propaganda radio ad telling all the 'Clackamas County Creeps' to vote against paying for the Selwood Bridge, which connects Clackamas County to the City of Portland and is ready to fall in the river What a hoot! Creepy Kramer is also pushing the idea that the 'Clackamas County Creeps' (and all the "unregistered" child molesters who run the County, or want to run the county) to not pay for light rail into "his" county because it might bring the wrong sort of ("you's") "people" into his neighborhood. This is a real hoot coming from the Carl Rove of Oregon, when you learn the history of these racists and bigots, and the evil they have exported on "our" behalf throughout Auragone. Remember, the 'Swift Boat Ads' came out of the Clackamas County DAs Office. That's a real crack up- Wasn't that stepford wife, the one who strangled her eleven-year-old daughter to protect her from "registered" sex offenders from Clackamas County? And how about the mom who threw her two little children off the Selwood Bridge from Clackamas County? Maybe that's why they want it to fall into the River so people will forget about this typical Clackamas house wife... And isn't this the county where Deputy David Willard (what an appropriate name) shot that "brown-skinned" kid with the Arabic sounding name, Kaady something- the kid had caught himself and his car on fire, but he ended up tearing off his clothes and was suffering from third degree burns over most of his body when he began walking, aimlessly, half out of his mind. The paramedics said his skin was falling off. But Willard wouldn't let them near him to help...give him something for the pain (sounds like "our" delightfully wicked Clackamas County cops and "correction" officers). Dirty David Willard kept yelling "Lay down on the [hot] cement!" At the same time, Willard kept using his stun gun on the kid, over and over. When the seventeen-year-old kid, who was an American citizen, ran to the nearest car and climbed on the roof, and begged for his life, Willard yelled "FIRE!" Willard and another cop put nine bullets into the body of who the Clackamas County Dispatcher kept calling (sarcastically) "Naked Guy"... What a hoot! And a civil jury (of your typical 'Clackamas County Creep') wouldn't give this kid's family a dime of "their" precious money- I love Auragone! And meanwhile, Kramer's radio cabin boy, Jim something or other, told the radio listeners last Sunday that David Willard's supervisor, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts, was a great guy. That's hilarious! This is the same Sheriff who knew his Chief Deputy who guarded the Clackamas County Court House was abusing his wife, both physically and mentally. And you can bet that some of those crooked judges knew it too. But they said nothing, since they always protect their "we" do. Then one day, this roid-taking, swagged out Clackamas County Deputy (sounds like Cowturd, Puke, Kenny the Drunk and some of the other local sports talk morons) goes out to Multnomah County to a lounge and blows away his wife and two of her female friends! Yeah, Sherriff Roberts is a swell guy, and a "good cop", except when he's surfing the web for porn and playing the 'bad cop'. He does take a lot of "our" money to manipulate children (sounds like some of the Clackamas County judges) to brainwash them to believe the government's claim that there is no medical value for marijuana. But the racists and bigots of Clackamas County aren't happy about the corporate DemocRats being in power. Especially the part about having a "black" man in the "White" House. "there's something wrong about that," you can hear Shaftler and the rest of them saying down at the Home Buffet. And they have a point-- So we know that one third of the "people" who live in Clackamas County make their living off the jobs, the people and the public resources of Portland and Multnomah County, but since when does the facts get in the way of of 'US' or a Clackamas County bigot like Creepy Kramer and the Alpha Dopes? And that doesn't mean "we're" going to suggest that the 'Clackamas County Creeps' should pay their fair share...